Workforce Development

C3WE develops a workforce of experts proficient across disciplines and able to communicate across different research and stakeholder groups and cultures. A long-term perspective and coordinated effort is built into the existing extensive education and outreach programs at UCAR, NCAR, and our partners. Workforce development objectives include:

  • Supporting K12 through undergraduate university education and outreach to encourage students to consider careers in this multi-disciplinary, capacity building area,
  •  Supporting graduate and post-doctoral programs to encourage early-career experts and practitioners in cross-disciplinary/cultural research and development,
  • Increasing participation of underrepresented groups by mentoring students through UCAR’s SOARS summer internship program and mentoring indigenous students through UCAR’s NSF INCLUDES grant,
  •  Encouraging industry participation to promote discussion and innovation that crosses functional and scientific lines,
  • Conducting tutorials and providing online education to grow the base of expert GRRIT® users and tool developers,
  • Enabling a knowledgeable workforce who perceive the need for resilient decisions and are able to translate that knowledge into their own domain of expertise.
  • Facilitating education and outreach to develop a new cadre of science and practitioner intermediaries.


Computer laboratory during tutorial Participants at the annual Regional Climate Tutorial 2016 Computer laboratory during climate tutorial SOARS summer intern discussing project