Open Data for Disaster Response

By Rhiannan Price, Digital Globe

Fostering Dialogue to Support Community Resilience

By Emily Jack-Scott, Aspen Global Change Institute, and Susan Moser Research Consultancy

The term ‘resilience’ has been adopted by many different disciplines in recent years to embody many different meanings and objectives. The use of the term ‘resilience’ in published literature has increased tenfold in the last decade alone, begging the question:

What is resilience?

State of Colorado Launches Innovative New Resiliency and Recovery Resources

By Rob Pressly, Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office

The Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office, and C3WE partner, is pleased to announce the release of three new recovery and resiliency resources.

Scaling regional partnerships at the National and European levels

By Abad Chabbi and Margaux Dillon, AnaEE

Research infrastructures depend on a favorable institutional context, insofar as they strive to develop concepts and tools for the greater societal good, but also because its mission statement depends so greatly on accessing policy-makers and funding. As a result, transnational and transdisciplinary organizations the likes of AnaEE keep tabs on political activity, in an effort to anticipate possible impacts on their operations.

Urban Climate Adaptation Tool

By Jack Fellows, Director, Climate Change Science Institute 

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