The Genius of C3WE

By Guillermo Accame, Industry Advisor to NCAR

Why do I think the creation of C3WE was genius?  To answer that, let’s consider how good ideas cross the line and become genius.  We can all agree that high intelligence, like an IQ over 140, is the price of admission, but what is intelligence without an education?  So add lots of highly intelligent scientists with advanced degrees, like you find at NCAR, and now you have the basic building blocks to produce a genius idea.

Fostering Dialogue to Support Community Resilience

By Emily Jack-Scott, Aspen Global Change Institute, and Susan Moser Research Consultancy

The term ‘resilience’ has been adopted by many different disciplines in recent years to embody many different meanings and objectives. The use of the term ‘resilience’ in published literature has increased tenfold in the last decade alone, begging the question:

What is resilience?

In Louisiana, there is no room for Complacency

By Greg Holland, C3WE Director NCAR

A decade after Katrina, New Orleans has regrouped and more than recovered. The levee protections are back stronger and reinforced, and pumps have been refurbished and made safe from flooding. Reports from the area indicate a new thriving culture that has built on their colorful history and are adding a new age of entrepreneurial activity. The city is buzzing and life is good.

But how safe is the city? And what of the surrounding communities?

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