State of Colorado Launches Innovative New Resiliency and Recovery Resources

By Rob Pressly, Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office

The Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office, and C3WE partner, is pleased to announce the release of three new recovery and resiliency resources.

The COResiliency Resource Center, a first-of-its-kind online platform for resiliency knowledge and technical resources, provides government agencies, elected officials, community organizations, the private sector and individual resiliency champions with knowledge and resources to Understand, Plan for, and Act on resilience. The Resource Center includes planning guidance, case studies, templates, training modules and links to a broad range of technical information from across Colorado and the United States. The Resource Center also highlights many exciting resiliency efforts from across various agencies. It is intended to evolve over time and the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office will continue to add new information to the Resource Center as it become available.

Those interested in learning more about what resiliency is and why it is important will find the Understand section to be a great place to start. There you will find information about what resiliency is, how it aligns with your community and everyday business and why resiliency is critical given Colorado’s past disasters, future population growth, and changing conditions. The Plan section guides users to move beyond resiliency concepts into planning for resiliency. It includes guidance and tools for developing a local resiliency framework, and provides an overview of opportunities to incorporate resiliency into everyday community practices, including hazard mitigation plans, land-use practices, comprehensive plans, and capital improvement plans.

The Act section is under development. When completed, it will provide best practices from around the state and the country for implementing resiliency projects, and help communities navigate and better understand the variety of potential state, federal, and non-government funding opportunities.

2013 Colorado Flood Recovery: Three Years of Progress, an interactive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) storymap, illustrates advances made in recovery efforts since the historic flooding Colorado experienced in September of 2013. The storymap utilizes data, analysis, pictures, and stories to provide an overview of the incredible ongoing work from local communities, non-profits, state and federal agencies, and flood survivors. The storymap will be updated as new data and information is available. Many of you contributed to this effort and we are so grateful for all of your time, energy and creativity in bringing this together.

Finally, the Colorado Public-Private Resiliency Workshop Summary provides an overview of a recent workshop co-hosted by the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office and AECOM. At the workshop, representatives from the private sector, federal, state, and local government came together in partnership to translate risk awareness into resiliency action. Twenty-four public and private sector organizations participated and provided critical insight and concrete recommendations to advance resiliency in Colorado. The report will provide a roadmap for ongoing coordination, collaboration, and innovation between the public and private sectors.

All three resources can be found at The Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office encourages those interested to ask questions and to provide feedback by contacting Rob Pressly at

How the CO Resiliency Reource Center can help your community