C3WE conducts innovative research across a wide range of disciplines in the physical and social sciences, engineering, and policy. This research and associated development ranges across all aspects of climate and weather extremes, guided by partner interactions, our advisory panel, and available funding. Current research themes over the next 1-3 years include:

  • Predictability across scales: What drives predictability for different weather and climate phenomena and how does this vary across spatial and temporal scales? How does this extend to predictability of impacts, and influence stakeholder decision making?
  • Emergent risks of weather extremes: Explore consequences of change in the environment, exposure and vulnerability.
  • Cascading impacts: Explore interdependencies between infrastructure and the natural and human environments that lead to cascading failure or long term (≫months) impacts. How do nuisance (non-extreme) wind and precipitation events contribute to these failures.
Diagram integrating decision space and model space Word cloud of decision influences
NSF funded grant 'UDECIDE: Understanding Decision Climate Interactions on Decadal Scales'