Report on cost benefit of more stringent building codes versus construction costs New Report Shows More Stringent Building Code Reduces Costs from Extreme Events Oct 17, 2017 Increased costs of construction is often the fundamental argument against more stringent codes.
WA DOT rainy construction site Climate-i Construction: Application of seasonal outlook data Sep 27, 2017 NOAA's published an article about Climate-i Construction and its application of seasonal outlook data to construction risks.
CDP: How to Measure a Hurricane Sep 15, 2017 James Done describes C3WE's Cyclone Damage Potential (CDP) application and how it sheds light on understanding the possible impact of hurricanes and related losses on a given geographic area on BBC4's More or Less: Behind the stats. 
Flooding in Houston, TX from Hurricane Harvey Failing Gracefully: We can't stop extreme weather Sep 1, 2017 Denver Post September 13 2017: C3WE's Mari Tye joins other NCAR scientists to discuss improvements in hurricane forecasting and what that might mean for future emergency management in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
CDP for Hurricane Katrina 2005 Harvey’s Potential to Cause Damage Exceeded Katrina Aug 1, 2017 By James Done, C3WE Science Lead  C3WE’s Cyclone Damage Potential (CDP) index measures the capacity of a hurricane to cause damage. Hurricane Harvey reached a CDP of 5.2 (on a scale of 1-10) as it made its first U.S. landfall last week. This exceeded Hurricane Katrina’s CDP at landfall of 4.9.
NWS Flood Map - Hurricane Harvey Harvey aligned perfectly to bring intense rain bands over Houston Aug 1, 2017 James Done (C3WE Research Lead) comments on flooding resulting from Hurricane Harvey.
Nitrogen overload Lake Atitlan Guatemala Heavier Rainfall Will Increase Water Pollution in the Future Jul 28, 2017 C3WE's Andreas Prein quoted in National Geographic story on effects of increasing rain intensity in many regions resulting from changing climate. An intensifying water cycle may ove
5th Annual ECEP Workshop Report Jun 30, 2017 Read the summary of the recent ECEP Annual workshop, held in Boulder on 19-20 June 2017.
IAG's Jacki Johnson Speaks at IAG ECEP Workshop ECEP Southern Hemisphere Workshop Report Jun 26, 2017 Read about the highlights from the 2017 IAG-ECEP Southern Hemisphere Workshop in the workshop report. 
Global risk, resilience and impacts toolbox logo Cindy Bruyère Briefs SD School of Mines & Tech on GRRIT Apr 12, 2017 C3WE's Deputry Director Cindy Bruyere discusses "science you can use" in an invited talk to students and faculty at South Dakota's School of Mines & Technology.