Mission & Vision


A national and international leader in the science of societal relevant weather and climate extremes

Conduct fundamental and user-inspired research to advance our understanding of Earth-systems processes and predictability of weather and climate extremes, from local to global and sub-seasonal to multi-decadal scales.

To advance our mission, the following set of strategic goals shape our projects and activities.

Goal 1: Make fundamental, curiosity-driven, and use-inspired advances in our understanding of the Earth System processes and Earth System predictability of weather and climate extremes.

Goal 2: Identify societally-relevant scientific questions, and facilitate technology transfer, through strategic and sustained public-private collaborations.

Goal 3: Accelerate community science by developing open datasets of climate and weather extremes, and new techniques for simulating extremes in an Earth System framework.

Goal 4: Enhance physical process representation for climate and weather extremes in community Earth System models and unified modeling frameworks by connecting science advances with model developers.

Goal 5: Strengthen our science by implementing and evaluating activities to build a diverse and inclusive workforce. Mentor young scientists and support educational and outreach activities.

The fundamental scientific research conducted by C3WE is aimed at addressing these scientific goals.

Supporting the NCAR Strategic Plan



Supporting the NCAR Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Collectively, C3WE activities align broadly and connect deeply with the NCAR Strategic Plan (SP).

Fundamental research towards a multi-scale process-level understanding of extremes (C3WE Goal 1) supports the SP by advancing Earth System Science across a range of space and time scales. Viewing extremes through the lens of the Earth System aligns with the SP to understand the importance of interactions among the atmosphere and related Earth System components. This fundamental research is driven by a mix of scientific curiosity and societal need, thus ensuring advances align with societal needs, as outlined by the SP.

C3WE Goals 3 and 4 are targeted at improving model representation of the processes driving extremes, and supporting their community use . These goals support the SP by working with developers of weather-resolving models in MMM and NCAR-wide unified modeling framework efforts. In addition, generating new open datasets and modeling approaches for extremes extend community research infrastructure as outlined in the SP.

C3WE's strategic, sustained partnerships with university, government, and industry (C3WE Goal 2) lead to better outcomes of societal decisions, thereby supporting the SP for actionable science . C3WE's long history of industry collaborations specifically supports the SP to engage the private sector to enhance capability and strengthen connections to societal needs. These intentional partnerships also support the SP dedication to convergent research.

The implementation and evaluation of activities to build a diverse and inclusive workforce (Goal 5) align with the SP to organize and empower the intellect and creativity of networks of people . C3WE achieves this by actively engaging in strategies for cultural change within MMM by serving on DE&I committees. Our position within MMM and connected to a significant number of public-private partnerships enable us to seek opportunities whereby we can specifically target underrepresented groups (e.g., mentor and fund SOARS students).

A schematic presented below shows how C3WE activities map onto the three pillars of the NCAR mission: Conducting science with and for society, advancing Earth System science, and enhancing community capabilities.