GRRIT: Cyclone Damage

Watch this space: New tool coming soon!

The Cyclone Damage Potential Index

The Cyclone Damage Potential (CDP) index assesses the damage potential of tropical cyclones, incorporating key damaging cyclone parameters of intensity, size, and translational speed. The CDP represents offshore wind, wave and current damage and onshore wind and coastal surge damage. For actual impacts, CDP may be combined a user’s specific vulnerability.

The prototype CDP app allows users to interact with the damage potential of individual historical events for the North Atlantic basin or the damage potential across cyclone seasons or decades. Please take a look and provide feedback at Subsequent versions of the CDP app may include the ability to explore the impact of climate change on CDP, and to explore CDP across all global cyclone basins.

Check back for application updates. For more information, also take a look at a blog post by the Weather Underground's Bob Henson. 
Hurricane Katrina making landfall 2005