ECEP’s Vision - Empowering resilient decisions for weather and climate extremes through collaboration.

ECEP’s Mission - Enabling improved societal planning to reduce the impacts of weather and climate extremes through:

  • Collaborative partnerships between academia, governments, businesses and local communities
  • Exploring the potential application of cutting-edge engineering, science and technologySharing and building upon available best practices to support community-led decision-making
  • Reducing catastrophic impacts through a range of approaches to understand, communicate and manage risk, including graceful failure.

The Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership was established to support decision-makers with information and expertise, and to enable them to anticipate and make resilient choices in the face of changing environmental and societal realities.


Collaborative research diagram

The vision and mission will be achieved through four goals:

  • Collaborative Partnership
  • Understanding and Communicating Risk and Impact Reduction Approaches
  • Decision-Relevant Science
  • Decision Support

The ECEP® Strategic Plan is available for review