C3WE recognizes the need to provide information in a relevant, accessible, and useable manner. We combine surveying user preferences and skills with development of appropriate GRRIT systems, education and outreach. The systems connect informational content and adaptable interfaces using visual web-based techniques to help stakeholders access knowledge aligned with their specific needs. Communication objectives include:

  • Promoting electronic and in-person two-way communication with ECEP partners focused on arriving at optimal combinations of stakeholder priorities and research and development capacity,
  • Explicitly developing a common lexicon, such as common definitions of resilience and risk, to direct conversations around decision needs and aid two-way comprehension,
  • Research into ways of communicating relevant information to specific stakeholder groups, and exploring creative approaches such as the cyclone damage potential and Climate-i Construction to provide relevant and useable information,
  • Identifying stakeholder information needs (to inform GRRIT development), and facilitating conversations through ECEP and Rising Voices to determine how to fill those needs.


Collaborative discussions at ECEP Workshop Collaborative discussions at ECEP Workshop