Actionable Science

C3WE's strategic, sustained partnerships with university, government, and industry, support the development of actionable science. C3WE's long history of industry collaborations engages the private sector to enhance capability and strengthen connections to societal needs. These intentional partnerships also support the development of convergent research.

Below are a number of actionable science prototypes C3WE has build in support of our partners. The tools listed below are not operational, they are prototypes to showcase the type of actionable science C3WE engages in. 

Actionable Science Prototypes 

Climate-i Construction

Under the guidance of an advisory panel comprising representatives from the construction industry, a team of NCAR and NOAA scientists developed this prototype decision-support tool for construction projects to better manage weather risk from contract to project completion.

The development of this tool is support by Tableau.

Cyclone Damage Potential

The Cyclone Damage Potential (CDP) index assesses the damage potential of tropical cyclones (Hurricane), incorporating key damaging cyclone parameters of intensity, size, and translational speed. The CDP represents offshore wind, wave, and current damage and onshore wind and coastal surge damage.

The development of this tool is support by Tableau.

Seasonal CDP Prediction

Real-Time Seasonal Hurricane (tropical cyclones) Damage Potential Forecasts

cyclone damage forecast in relation to climatology

Experimental Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Landfall Forecasts

As a partner of the Willis Research Network, C3WE developed an experimental landfall forecast product. Our approach uses predicted daily weather patterns to infer the anomalous number of tropical cyclones (of at least tropical depression strength) landfalling on the Gulf Coast and Florida. Throughout the hurricane season we tend to see repeating daily weather patterns. The more a favorable weather pattern repeats, the higher the likelihood of a hurricane landfall. This product is being tested each year to build an understanding of skill, and an example forecast for 2020 is shown here. This forecast is for increased likelihood of above normal Gulf Coast and Florida landfall activity for 2020.

If you would like to contribute to our community tools, please contact us.